What to Sell on Amazon in 2021

What to Sell on Amazon in 2021

When it comes to running a successful online business, deciding what to sell on Amazon in 2021  is one of the most important factors for consideration and is vital to your future business success. You cannot simply pick a random product to sell because a product that you think will sell on Amazon FBA may not necessarily be of interest to other consumers at all.

What to sell on Amazon in 2021

Let’s face it, you might just have a weird sense of taste or style! But with nearly 400 million individual products being sold on Amazon, how can you possibly know which products are most likely to give you a return on your investment? Well, that’s where research and considering product criteria are critical.

The main point you should remember when deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA is that it is a ‘price-driven’ marketplace. In other words, people visit the website intending to seek out the best deal on products.

This means that whatever you plan to sell on Amazon FBA must be attractive to your target audience and often in a particular price range, so you must understand the identifying criteria to follow when you are deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA.

FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) was introduced back in 2008, it has been an absolute game-changer for Amazon sellers. So it’s unsurprising that many successful sellers are firm fans of the service.

FBA allows Amazon sellers to store large amounts of stock. All their order picking, packing and shipping dealt with remotely from Amazon’s vast warehouses.

Amongst other things, this allows sellers to concentrate on different aspects of their business rather than having to deal with day to day administration.

But the question is if you are selling on Amazon FBA, should the products you choose to list differ from those that you might decide to sell if you were managing and shipping orders yourself?

The simple answer is no! Amazon FBA makes the process simple, but the criteria for what to sell on Amazon remains the same.

What to Sell on Amazon FBA: Product Criteria

You may not realise this, but there are some precise criteria you should follow to ensure you research and select the best products to sell on Amazon FBA. For starters, although it’s tempting, you should not try to sell well known or designer branded products.

Amazon is not the place to do that! Amazon is, of course, the platform that best lends itself best to the sale of own branded products at competitive prices.

Most Amazon buyers are genuinely not interested in purchasing big brand-named products, they are interested in buying a decent product that looks the business and comes at a low cost to them.

This strategy, however, does mean you will potentially be going head to head against other sellers offering similar products. Which is why along with specific product criteria, you should also take the ‘similar but better’ route.

In other words, by all means, sell the same product, but make sure it is listed under your own brand name, and you offer something a little extra. The extra doesn’t have to be something big, just faster shipping or a better product listing and overall service. So, let’s have a look at the most important criteria you should consider when you are deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA.


Here is a quick checklist of what is required to come up with the right product.

  1. Product prices that fall between the range $10 and $50
  2. Products that make at least 10 sales a day
  3. Similar products that feature best seller rank of at least 5,000 in the main category
  4. The top 3 related keywords have 50,000+ monthly searches on Amazon
  5. Not seasonal products. They can be sold year-round
  6. 2-3 products with less than 50 reviews on the first page
  7. Small and lightweight products (under 2 to 3 pounds)
  8. No brand names or trademarks associated with the product
  9. A product can be set up for 25% or even lesser than the sale price
  10. Proper room for product optimization and improvement of present listings
  11. Multiple product-related keyword opportunities
  12. Quick and easy product sourcingfrom China
  13. The product should not be fragile
  14. Ability to expand your brand with related products
  15. Can make a superior product over similar products in the market
  16. Product encourages recurring purchases
  17. The product should not have any legal issues

Should You Sell in Popular Categories?

Yes! These are the most competitive categories, and you are probably thinking it will be harder for you to sell within them. You are right of course, and that’s why it’s you must follow the criteria discussed earlier.

The trick is to narrow down your research to a point where the product you are going to sell is so specific that competition is drastically reduced. You will only attract serious buyers who are looking to purchase your product right away.

Apart from avoiding products that require certification, are unregulated or require multiple sizes/styles, then you should feel free to research products in these categories. Remember, generally, buyers don’t just ‘browse’ on Amazon. They are almost always looking for something specific, and this is where you offer that specific thing to them!

Final Thoughts

Choosing what to sell on Amazon FBA is a decision that will have significant implications for your Amazon business. You must do your research and ultimately offer competitively priced products.  Try to aim at a specific target audience to ensure your success.

Offering products of value is more important than ever. Following the criteria outlined in this article to refine your product ideas and uncover specific niche products. You will be in a better position for your Amazon business to become profitable.

It’s also crucial that you note that whatever changes Amazon implements, and whatever happens with market trends, the criteria for uncovering what to sell on Amazon FBA will always remain the same!

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